Share realtime your route with one tap!
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Snail is a mobile app that enables you to share realtime your route with your selected friends/contacts


Snail application enables the user to share his route realtime for 5 minutes for free. If the user needs more time he may buy extra time (one off purchase).

Easy Use

The publisherenables Internet connection on his device and tap on button. The consumer click on a unique url, insert the security code and view the route!

No Registration

No user creation or registration is required. Coordinates are NOT stored (temporary or permanent) anywhere!

How it works

  • Step 1


    Enables Internet access on the mobile device & open Snail app.

  • Step 2

    Start Sharing Route

    The publisher taps in "Start Getting My Route", and send the sharing url and the secret code to selected contacts. The publisher may stop sharing the route anytime, destroy the session & disconnect the consumers automatically.

  • Step 1


    Click on the received session url, inserts the secuity code and view the publisher's route realtime!

  • Share realtime, easy & secure!

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